Chinese Checkers

The objective:
to be first to race all of one's pieces across the hexagram-shaped board into "home"—the corner of the star opposite one's starting corner—using single-step moves or moves that jump over other pieces.

Size 17" x 17'

Players 2 - 6

Made from Valchromat, a solid colour hardwood composite

Frame is cut from a single piece for stability

Game Field Markings are carved and painted for extreme durability

High quality glass marbles

Game field home spaces painted to match game pieces

Custom designed game piece holder that stores in the back of the game

Finish can easily be repaired if it becomes scratched

Includes hardware to display on your wall

Retail Price $149.99

Valchromat is a hardwood based composite panel that machines like wood yet is dimensionally stable.  On the surface, some small wood fibres are visible as not all of the fibres will absorb the organic dye.  This peculiarity gives Valchromat it's unique and natural look.  Because wood, it's main raw material has natural variations in its tonality, Valchromat can also show variations in colour.

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