Design your own games room

More than a game

From a simple cribbage board, to beautiful pieces of art.

In early 2014 with a high demand for live edge custom woodworking, we opened our small shop.  We specialized in commercial and residential signs, live edge tables, serving trays and cribbage boards.

In 2016 we went on the road selling our hand crafted products at local markets.  Our customers asked if we could make some of their favourite family games that they grew up with.  The answer was 'absolutely'.

We decided that our games should be 'more than a game'.  Our team concluded that we needed to get the games out of the cupboard and closets.  If the game was seen, it would likely get played more.  Imagine these traditional games displayed on your wall waiting to be played.  It's time to 'unplug'.

After all the brain storming, we created a came that you can proudly display on your wall.  These games are heirloom quality, when not in play they are beautiful pieces of art.


Valchromat is a hardwood based composite panel that machines like wood yet is dimensionally stable.  On the surface, some small wood fibres are visible as not all of the fibres will absorb the organic dye.  This peculiarity gives Valchromat it's unique and natural look.  Because wood, it's main raw material has natural variations in its tonality, Valchromat can also show variations in colour.

We are continuing to add new games....  stay tuned!

Handmade in Canada